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Monterey Bay Academy

California, USA




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Monterey Bay Academy prepares students for higher education with a curriculum based on the entrance requirements set by the prestigious University of California system. The school practices the Seventh-day Adventist faith, and the cafeteria serves unique healthy vegetarian food.



98% students are accepted by Top 50 universities e.g. American Musical & Drama Academy, Baylor University, Virginia Tech, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Long Beach State University, Miami University, Oxford University, Ohio State University, Penn State University, San Francisco State University,...

Monterey Bay Academy’s 380-acre beachfront campus boasts its own mile-long private beach. Facilities include a gymnasium, ball fields, a pool, a vegetarian cafeteria, and modern academic buildings with dedicated wings for different disciplines. There’s a private airstrip for pilots as well as aviation courses


240 1:16

There are 240 students, and the teacher-student ratio is 1:16 to maximise the school's teaching quality and student services


There are 29 electives including AP courses such as Calculus, English Literature and Composition, US History


There are 25 elective courses in Arts, Languages and Sports such as Spanish, Drama, Graphics, Technology, Photography and Aviation

Monterey Bay Academy offers varsity programs in flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball. The beachfront location allows for unique athletic activities such as SCUBA diving and surfing.

Top  Sports

Monterey Bay Academy’s internationally recognized music and drama groups have performed around the country and abroad. Art and music each have their own academic wing.

Top  Arts

Students are able to join student-led clubs such as Golf, Mountain Biking, Horsemanship, International, Photography, Running, SCUBA, Surfing

Top   Activities

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