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Sending children to boarding school is parents’ big decision for the betterment of their future. 

There are around 300 boarding schools in North America, so the decision should be based on the following factors: 

  • Comprehensive and unique curriculum

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Facilities 

  • Safety policy 

  • Fees and scholarship opportunities 


List of strongly recommended boarding schools:

Maine Central Institute, Maine.   University Acceptance: 98%

Scholarship: VND 231,000,000

Successfully enrolled in: Harvard, Cornell, Princeton,...

Thornton Academy, Maine.   University Acceptance: 100%

Scholarship: 303,000,000 VND

The Oldest University Preparation program in New England with 140 courses

Florida Preparatory Academy, Florida. University Acceptance: 100%

Scholarship: VND 116,000,000

Top 100 in U.S. Aviation and STEAM programs

Fryeburg Academy, Maine​, New England. University Acceptance: 99%

Scholarship: VND 600,000,000

Prestigious programs: Arts & Science

Calverton School, Maryland.   University Acceptance : 99%

Scholarships awarded for more than 50% admitted students

Successfully enrolled in Harvard, Stanford, Yale,... 

Rockford Christian High School, Illinois. University Acceptance: 98%

Scholarship: VND 233,000,000

Prestigious programs: Robotics, STEAM and University prep

Saint Paul Lutheran High School, Missouri. University Acceptance: 98%

Scholarship: VND 220,000,000

Top 3 Best High Schools in Missouri with affordable tuition fee

The Brook Hill School, Texas.  University Acceptance: 100%

Scholarship: VND 321,000,000

Prestigious programs: History, Business & Leadership, Mathematics, Science

Hilton Head Preparatory, South Carolina. University Acceptance: 100%

Scholarship: VND 303,000,000

Hilton Head - One of The Most Wonderful Islands in USA 

Ben Lippen School, South Carolina.   University Acceptance: 98%

Scholarship: VND 273,000,000

Prestigious programs: Robotics, Engineering, Business

Monterey Bay Academy, California.   University Acceptance: 96%

The 2nd Biggest Christian School in The World

Prestigious programs: Medicine & Biology

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